Sunday, January 12, 2014

Opening at Örebro Läns Museum

Back from Örebro where the pictures from Rådhusets Julkalender is on display until February 23. Pay a visit at Örebro Läns Museum if You're in the neighborhood. I  met my sponsors from Karl-Johanskolan, the fine people from SOUL design who's the brains and hands behind the project and some of my dear fellow illustrators. I also got to meet the public.

Seriously, everybody was of course very nice and appreciative. And It's always rewarding to take part in events that are public as opposed to the solitary existence one leads for the most part. By oneself in the studio, all alone with all the difficult and important decisions of the trade. Ha! We even got to sign autographs!

Reproductions of my contribution (and of course all the other illustrators) is for sale here.

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