Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Block printing IV: Masonite and linocut

Another tree with drilled holes as highlights in the leaves. I can't decide if I like these perfectly rounded dots or not - I think maybe they look more like small lights or sparkle than actual leaves? The tower in the small linocut is tilting - I didn't see that until I saw the print. Could've fixed that in Photoshop before posting but I didn't... because that's cheating. ;-)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Block printing III: Linocut

I got me some really nice swiss lino-cutting tools earlier this summer. I'll probably keep focusing on the larger prints while I'm here - I can make small linocuts at home or in my regular studio. But I had to try them though and the quality of the knives really makes it fun to do small prints.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Block printing II: More masonite-cut

It's been really warm here. 30°C day after day. Quite exhausting. Luckily for me the garage, shaded by some large pines, is the only place here at my parents place where the temperature is at least somewhat comfortable. I keep making big block prints in masonite board with my proof press. Lots of fun and I think the prints come out real nice.

My buddy Per likes them too.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Block printing I: Masonite-cut

Spending some time at my parents house. No woodwork yet this summer but I've wiped the dust off my old proof press and set it up in the garage. I've used it mostly for small lino cuts earlier but now I wanted to do something larger. I also wanted to use non conventional tools for creating the shapes for the block. Tools like band saw, regular drills and  the "chisel-drill".  A fantastic device that makes square holes. No I'm not kidding, see picture below! I picked masonite board as my material for the block. It worked fine with the flying flaming ape-scull where I used mostly the band saw (I have to find out a way to make the colors align better though). But  not so well with the big ship where i had to  use normal woodcutting tools for some of the details. The masonite is  quite hard on the surface but soft and cardboard like underneath, which makes it fragile. And the water soluble color I'm using makes the masonite swell. Maybe I can find something to harden it with once it's cut? Otherwise I don't think it will last for many prints. Some varnish maybe? Or oil?

The test prints are approx. 30 x 60 cm.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sci-Fi Art II

No commission this one - pure self-indulgement.